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Use these social skills task cards to discuss real social situations. They teach conversation skills, empathy, friendships, dealing with conflicts, and basic interactions. Each set of cards has a specific focus so that you can use the cards with your students to highlight specific skills at a time. Of course, you can always mix the cards to incorporate all skills at once, if appropriate for your students. They can be used for a variety of age/grade groups from elementary to middle school to impr
This text features unit is packed full of standards-based lesson plans, professionally Lexiled passages, and activities to use while you are teaching the standard RI.2.5. If you are not teaching Common Core, then the unit is still valuable to use when teaching students to find and use text features in their informational text. *There is now a digital component included in this resource. The passages, graphic organizers, and assessment are now created in Google Slides. You can get access to the d
PLACE VALUE WORKSHEETS : This resource offers a collection of place value worksheets with 9 different types of activities designed to aid students practice place value skills TENS and ONES in a fun and engaging way. The product also includes 3 assessment pages.* Color tens and ones to show each number* Fill in the blanks* Complete the chart*Count the tens and ones. Cut and paste the correct number* Cut and paste to match the tens and ones. Then write the sum.* Count how many, then color the corr
1st - 2nd

Also included in: Place Value Worksheets BUNDLE

If you have ever worked with students who have difficulty self-regulating, you probably wish you could just tell them to calm down. This kit is designed to allow you to do that by teaching them the skills of why being calm is important AND HOW to achieve it. These 4 social narratives and visual supports are designed specifically to support your behavior management strategies and to teach students to manage their own behavior. Specifically, the tools will teach using a calm down routine to be
Greek and Latin Roots! Almost 70% of the English language is derived from Latin and Greek languages. When students learn these “building blocks” it becomes easy for them to recognize and decode unfamiliar words that are related to a known root. It is also increasingly important to explicitly teach students the meanings of Greek and Latin roots as they encounter the very technical vocabulary found in science and other content areas.This HUGE 282-page resource covers over 60 Greek and Latin roots
The most engaging and memorable moment of the year: Readers Theater! These are perfect for helping students review stage directions and read with expression and fluency and have been an absolute HIT across grade levels!Included are THREE readers theater scripts of ORIGINAL fractured fairytales in a PDF printable file! Name tags for each role are also included along with one blank page if you would like students to create their own character tags.There are now two printable versions of the scri
2nd - 5th
These decodable controlled texts are perfect for small group instruction, guided reading, fluency practice and homework! These controlled texts are the perfect way to practice a new phonics skill. They are easily incorporated into any phonics or reading program. Perfect for your structured literacy lessons that follow the science of reading. ⭐Just updated to now have *100* pages!!!!⭐★ Each page has 15 words, and 6 sentences for the focused phonics skill. Some of the words are repeated if there
7th Grade Summer Math Packet ~ Summer Prep Packet for Incoming 8th Grade Math StudentsLooking for a good way to review core 7th grade math concepts with your students? This math review packet covers some of the major topics taught in 7th grade math. It covers:- all four operations with integers (including order of operations problems with integers)- all four operations with rational numbers (positive and negative decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers)- solving one- and two-step equations- solv
This ice breaker all about me activity is great for the first day of school for secondary students. It can be done in one class period and incorporates a get-to-know-you activity that allows students to share about themselves, without being too elementary. Your download also includes a link to a digital, Google Slide version.The activity has students fill in information about themselves in countdown-style categories. Students will also "interview" a classmate in a low-stress, fun way that allows
Teaching main idea and supporting details to students isn’t all that easy. Many students struggle with the concept and the process. They get confused and caught up in all of the little details when reading through the text. These short winter-themed reading passages with graphic organizers make it easy for students to pinpoint the main idea. Supporting details are strategically placed so that students can easily practice identifying those small details that support the main idea. With repeated p
This CCSS aligned fraction packet includes 22 practice sheets filled with practice fraction problems, example problems, and step-by-step directions. These can be used to introduce a concept, review a concept, or send home as reinforcement for homework. An answer key is provided. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -This resource can be used along with our other 4.NF.3 & 4.NF.4 resources:4.NF.3 &am
Are you looking for a resource that will engage your students with OPINION writing? This set of 10 high interest prompts will have your students excited to write and share their work! To make the prompts even more teacher and student friendly, each prompt is provided with and without a coloring code for extra student support! If you prefer the Google Slides version of this resource you can find it here...Opinion Writing Prompts Set 1 for Google Drive This resource is also part of a huge money sa
Practice using a map key, a compass rose, and a scale to read, interpret, and create basic maps! These printables are perfect for teaching geography or quick map skills assessments in first grade, second grade, or third grade! The following print-and-go map skills activities are included:Map Vocabulary Foldable: Students cut along the dotted lines to create three flaps and then fold along the solid line. Under each flap, students define the vocabulary word shown on the top of the flap. Words inc
These life skills activities will give your special education students practice with basic skills they need for grocery shopping and independence in their community. Put these no prep worksheets in your independent work stations before a community trip to the grocery store to practice skills like dollar up, more or less, recognizing signs, reading a receipt, shopping from a list, finding the correct aisles, and much more.Includes 50 pages and each topic is differentiated to two levels.Basic Ski
These interactive printables are perfect for teaching or reinforcing prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Prefixes addressed {re-, un-, pre-, dis-, mis-, de-}Suffixes addressed {-er (a person who), -er (more), -est, -ful, -less, -ed}1. Trace it/Color it – Students trace or color words based on the prefix or suffix.2. Find it – Students go on a word hunt (using classroom books) to find words using the given prefix or suffix.3. Define it – Students use what they know about the given prefix or suffi
1st - 3rd

Also included in: Phonics Word Work BUNDLE

Multiplication Facts Practice: This packet includes 35 WORKSHEETS AND 34 GOOGLE SLIDES ( DIGITAL VERSION ) for your students to practice multiplication facts 0 through 12. As previewed, these differentiated pages will help students master their facts. The sheets are created for third-grade students, and are great for review, morning work, extra practice, or homework.This packet includes a digital version (Google Slides™) of the file. YOU MAY ALSO LIKEGOOGLE SLIDES MULTIPLICATION FACTS2 Digit by
This BEST SELLING unit includes reading passages and worksheets for 10 different habitats with fun & easy activities to reinforce learning. This NO-PREP pack will be a huge TIMESAVER! Have students read the passages and then answer the comprehension questions about each habitat. Each passage has a habitat scene for students to color and connect to the information. The habitats included in this packet are:OceansGrasslandsSavannasWetlandsDesertsWoodlandsPolar Regions: The Antarctic and The Arc
Practice sentence structure using these 64 task cards designed to help with student writing and sentence building!WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:64 Task Cards (Two Sets) (prints 4 to a page)Black-lineColorRecording SheetsAnswer KeysClassroom PostersDIGITAL:2 Google Slides VersionsEasel ActivityEasel Assessment - Self-CheckingDIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS:Digital or PrintChallenge Cards to extend the lessonSelf-Checking or Short AnswerMultiple versions of the recording sheet includedGreat for 4th, 5th, 6th,
These skittles labs are a fun way to have students learn about the scientific method. Lab contents: 1. Skittle Colors Lab: A. Question: Which color skittle is most common in a package of skittles? B. Developing a hypothesis C. Procedure D. Data Tables E. Graphing F. Post-Lab Questions 2. Skittles Mass and Amount Lab A. Question: How accurate are Skittles packages to one another in terms of mass and total                   number of Skittles? B. Developing a hypothesis C. Procedure D. D
Exciting Christmas party activities or speech therapy game that’s educational too! Your kids will love guessing the rhyming riddles for Christmas, while you target inferences, rhyming, listening comprehension, and Christmas vocabulary with this super-engaging, best-selling game!After playing the game, you can work on describing as your students draw their favorite Christmas item on the included worksheet, then write their own riddles for Christmas. Next, have fun taking turns guessing the answe
Paragraph writing just got easier! Whether you need print or digital, these ready-to-use pages (and slides) are an effective way to help your students learn how to write a paragraph. You'll get everything you need for opinion, informative, and narrative writing. Check out the product preview to see it all!Here's What's Included:Print Versions and Digital Access60 different writing prompts (20 opinion, 20 informative, & 20 narrative)Brainstorming PagesOrganizing and Planning PagesFirst Draft
The RACE Writing Strategy is a structure to help students answer passage-based, short response questions in a formal style, with using clear reasons and evidence from the text, and to provide concluding statements. → Looking for a digital Google compatible version? Click here!Why use the RACE strategy? This mnemonic device is especially helpful for struggling writers and students with disabilities, but it can also be a helpful scaffold for all students. It teaches students to do what good writer
*Make sure you check out the BUNDLE with sets 1 and 2 for BIG savings!This set includes 92 pages of morning work activities. I have looked high and low for morning work for my students. There are several great things available online, but I was seeking something more independent for my students. I don't want to have to explain each section every day. I created this set to buy me 5-10 minutes each morning to do attendance and lunch count. My thought process when creating this was to explain the
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions to solve riddles. Included5 worksheetsAnswer keys Skills included:Adding and SubtractingMultiplyingDividingMultiplying and dividingAll four operations*****************************************************************************More Fractions:Multiply and Divide Fractions Scavenger Hunt Adding Fractions Scavenger Hunt Bingo Adding and Subtracting Flash Cards Multiplying And Dividing Fractions Flash Cards Fraction RiddlesEquivalent Fractions PPT Lesso
5th - 6th

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