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Calm Down Strategies for your classroom! This huge pack is filled of different supports for students with behavioral needs. All of the products can be printed, assembled and placed in a "Calm Down Kit" box for students to pull out when feeling overwhelmed or anxious. This calm down kit is full of visuals to help non-readers and emerging readers learn to cope with their emotions on their own!These visuals can be sent home to families on your caseload to help with distance learning and virtual
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Special Education teachers have so much data to keep track of! I wanted a simple way to track the use of accommodations and modifications by my students leading up to their annual reviews. This tracker is an easy way to collect meaningful data to assist in the decision making process. NOW EDITABLE!!! You can edit the accommodations and modifications to fit the needs of your classroom and students. There are three versions of the tracker. One is perfect to collect data for your own use.
This huge set of behavior data sheets are designed for easy use to assess and monitor problem behavior in your classroom. More than 35 behavior tracker sheets included. Each of the data sheets is editable within PowerPoint and you can see what is editable and how to edit these behavior tracking sheets in this video. This behavior tracking sheet mega pack includes:→ Behavior Tracker ScatterplotsWith and without replacement / appropriate behavior trackingIn 10 and 15 minute segmentsAcross activiti
These lessons teach executive functioning skills including planning, organization, time management, task initiation, working memory, metacognition, self-control, attention, flexibility, and perseverance. Each lesson includes a description of the skill, a pre-assessment, and activities to practice the skill. Digital and Print VersionsUPDATED: Revised to include a digital version for Google Slides. To access the digital online version, use the "Digital Directions." Click the link and choose "copy"
Do you need to assess the social and pragmatic skills of higher functioning students at the K-5th grade levels?Would you love to have an evaluation that literally wrote the report for you?Then this informal assessment is PERFECT for you!This is an informal (non-standardized) assessment. It should be used as one part within a broader array of tests when evaluating for autism spectrum disorder or other social language disorders. This tool provides valuable information for developing baselines and
Yoga can be a great calming strategy to teach students or to incorporate into the classroom through mindfulness or mindful minutes. This resource helps students learn poses with easy to understand directions. Poses are also provided in sequences that are perfect for brain breaks. ** Google Slides TM version has been added to this resource to support distance learning.Once students know certain positions, they can be prompted to engage in this as an independent coping strategy. Great for a calm c
This packet includes: ~21 paired statements from which to choose. The first statement of the set (labeled with A) indicates a tendency toward right-brain thinking. The second statement of the set (labeled with B) indicate a tendency toward left-brain thinking. ~A "Brain Worksheet" for students to color in their answers to the paired statements ~Tips/Posters for strengthening the left and right hemispheres ~Tips/Poster for strengthening both hemispheres
3rd - 8th
Empower students by teaching them about their brain and their feelings using the hand model of the brain! This resource is a kid-friendly way of explaining what "flipping a lid" means through illustrating the roles of the wise owl pre-frontal cortex, guard dog amygdala, and memory saver hippocampus. It also allows you to begin a discussion about how to self-regulate when you flip a lid. You might pick and choose elements of this resource to present to you students as one lesson, or you may use t
2nd - 5th
Behavior visuals on the go for your students in need. This product can be printed, assembled and placed inside a binder or binded into its own notebook. Students will learn to open the binder/notebook, identify their emotions, follow the steps to calm down, choose a sensory break, review classroom rules, reflect and transition back to the class with correct behaviors. Over time, students can utilize the binder independently to build independence. No laminated pieces or velcro to worry about l
An entire social group curriculum for a year! This huge 80 page packet includes everything from starting up your first social group to providing engaging and organized lessons (with all materials needed) for 20 sessions. Your students will be learning functional, real-life skills needed in order to be successful members of society. This gigantic pack includes:*List of additional helpful resources*1 Social Group Planner*2 Parent Permission Letters*1 Teacher Letter*1 Social Group Rules*20 engaging
Struggle with getting kids to open up during counseling sessions? Need a fun Get To Know You Game? The Conversation Starters Card Game is a fun game that your students will love playing! As students play, they are asked to either ask or answer questions that will help students get to know one another and facilitate conversations. ● ● ● There are 104 questions and each color has it's own specific type of questions. Blue cards are "Ask Someone." Green cards are "What;s Your Favorite"Orange ca
Worry Warriors Worry Activities: This elementary school small group counseling curriculum is designed for use with elementary-aged students to teach important skills to manage anxiety and worry. Help kids manage worries with psycho-educational instruction on what worry is and how it affects the body. Then, practice strategies for dealing with worry in the moment like grounding, controlled breathing, thought checking, and more. Use these activities in elementary school small group counseling or i
Self Control Surfers: Ride the wave in this 8-session elementary school counseling small group counseling program that empowers elementary students to engage in self control strategies! Students learn strategies for delayed gratification, body control, taking turns, attending to auditory and visual cues, filtering thoughts, and more! This group is perfect for your wiggle worm students who may struggle with impulse control and need direct instruction with strategies to help them succeed in the cl
Inspired by Solution Focused Brief Therapy, this School Counselor Toolbox features engaging, developmentally appropriate tools that can used in individual counseling with students to help them recognize their strengths, resiliencies, hopes, & possibilities. Comes in digital and printable formats. The Google Slides™ option allows you to use for distance learning counseling, teletherapy, and virtual counseling groups.Solution Focused Counseling Tools Include:☀️ Guide to Solution Focused Co
Are you struggling with student behaviors and finding a way to hold students accountable for their choices? Choices Think Sheets | Behavioral Reflection Program is a complete social emotional learning program to run a behavioral reflection program. ●●● A Think Sheet is a very effective tool to use when a student is displaying unacceptable behaviors. These sheets can be used to help correct undesired behaviors and help students process their emotions and behavioral responses by understanding ho
Social-emotional learning begins with children understanding and identifying how they feel and how others feel. These feelings posters and activities help students see how body language and facial expressions are different for different emotions. These are great to have displayed in your classroom, used in SEL lessons, or part of distance learning.PRINTABLES3 Step Lesson PlanActivity 1: Identify feelings, face cues, and body cuesActivity 2: Identify feeling, when they feel it, and draw what they
These low-prep counseling prompts will work with almost any game you already have – I use them almost daily at my school! Each set of prompts is coded by number and color. Roll a 5? Respond to prompt #5! Drew a yellow card? Respond to the yellow prompt! Questions/prompts are worded so that they can be answered multiple times during a game without it being repetitive. These are excellent for individual counseling and small group counseling.Prompt sets (6 repeatable questions) included for the fol
Not Grade Specific

Also included in: School Counseling Program Tools

***Now Available in Google Slides™ Digital Format , too!***The MY FEELINGS TOOL-BOOK is an interactive guide that helps young people relate to their feelings in kind, compassionate, and healthy ways. This tab book is jam-packed with diverse coping strategies, social emotional learning skills (SEL), and mindfulness breathing exercises. Use this resource as a as part of your SEL distance learning support, trauma informed classroom, social emotional learning curriculum or as an individual interv
These social stories about making mistakes, along with the included behavioral tools for self-regulation, will help you teach your students how to stay calm and avoid giant meltdowns. The perfect addition to a PBIS or RTI program, this resource incudes 6 social stories plus contingency maps, 5-point scales, and graphic organizers for developing a growth mindset. Each social story is included in 2 formats (1-page and book format) and includes characteristics about making mistakes that may lead to
Not Grade Specific
Do your students not seem to understand (or care) how their behaviors affect others around them? Help them consider how their actions make others feel by talking about expected and unexpected behaviors. With these activities, students will learn which behaviors are expected and unexpected, and the effects that these behaviors have. This resource would be a great addition to lessons about the Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuyper and can be used for individual and group counseling lessons! This reso
The resources included in this product are designed to assist you in teaching the foundations of behavior by understanding expected and unexpected behaviors through simple hands on, visual, engaging activities. INCLUDED:★ Expected/unexpected behavior visuals★ File folders related to behaviors★ Cut and paste worksheets★ Dot marker worksheets★ Color-the-correct-behavior worksheets★ Basic coping skills worksheets★ Simple scenario worksheetsIMPORTANT FEATURES INCLUDE:★ Visual based activities★ Clear
Use these no-prep activities to help your students learn about self control! These activities are the perfect complement to the book "Clark the Shark" by Bruce Hale, however the activities can also be done without the use of the book! Students will learn about what self control is, how they can use it and how their actions affect the people around them! The Google Slides component is great for educators doing distance learning or who are looking to incorporate technology into their lessons.This
Teach your students the difference between big, medium and little deals (problems) and to think of reasonable solutions. This resource will help students learn decision making and problem solving skills. Included:1 Set of DirectionsBIG, Medium and Little Deal Posters1 BIG, Medium and Little Deal Example Chart52 What's The Deal Situation Cards (a black and white version is included!)1 Editable Blank Template Card1 Title Card1 Printable Magnifying GlassRelated Products ⭐ Anger Management Group
Struggle with getting kids to open up during counseling sessions? Need help teaching coping skills to students? The Coping Skills Card Game is fun card game that your students will love playing! As students play, they are asked to answer questions that will test their coping skills and will help you to facilitate discussion regarding how to handle different situations and emotional regulation. ►► Includes: ✅ 124 Game Cards ✅ Directions ►►This game is also part of the June Counseling Bundle wh

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